Eclipse Black Chrome

by Kim Peavler on April 16, 2019

The Eclipse Black Chrome is truly one of its kind. This type of chrome plating is the darkest black chrome on the market and Master Finish is one of the first companies in North America to put it into production. This specialized plating system offers a variety of different benefits. It is capable of being plated on exterior and interior grade surfaces. Our dark, lustrous Eclipse coating is ideally suited for a variety of decorative automotive applications where a fashionable finish is necessary.

Master Finish can produce this Black Chrome to match FCA’s color code CM606.  We are working with other OEM manufacturers to obtain mastery plaques for use on their vehicles as well.  Globally, there are uses in the Toyota and Honda supply chain which we are also researching for applications in the North American market.  Not only does it look slick, but it’s also extremely stable over a long period of time. Unlike paint, Eclipse Black Chrome holds its finish in UV light and through rough corrosive environments.  It’s highly tolerant to attack from calcium chloride containing salts. Because of its stability, fewer expensive treatments are needed and color matching remains easy over time. Performance is nearly identical to bright chrome, which leads the industry in corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. 

Here at Master Finish, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the environment and this plating process is no exception. Eclipse Black Chrome is environmentally friendly, from start to finish. It meets local environmental standards and air treatment requirements, along with the associated monitoring time.

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