Bright Nickel Plating

Bright nickel plating is a Master Finish specialty finishing process, in which a bright nickel layer is plated over semi-bright nickel plating, and then covered with a thin application of chrome plating. Bright nickel plating provides a hard, decorative chrome finish that can withstand the elements—ideal for products with parts and components exposed to the elements, such as in automobiles and motorcycles. Master Finish Company provides nickel chrome plating on a wide range of metal substrates, including steel, brass, zinc die-cast, and stainless steel. For critical corrosion resistant applications, up to 5 unique layers of bright nickel plating can be applied to maximize corrosion resistance and optimize luster.

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Master Finish plates new unplated parts for metalworking companies.

Please note, we are not suited to serve personal restoration, replating, or customization projects.

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