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Master Finish Company is a Michigan metal plating firm offering MacDermid Enthone Fashion Finishes satin and dark chrome decorative chrome plating meeting DecoKlad global quality assurance standards. Satin finishes and dark chromium have become highly desirable finishes gaining popularity as stylists seek to differentiate designs and brands. The satin layer uniformly scatters any light falling on its surface, giving a shimmering soft bright metallic appearance. This unique micro satin effect can be adjusted from a fine sheen to a heavier matte finish depending on the design needs. Dark chromium can be electrodeposited from a smoky type appearance through to almost black finish.

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With MacDermid Enthone Fashion Finishes from Master Finish, you get more decorative chrome plating finishes, quality assurance, and dependable delivery from a recognized, high-volume metal finisher leader. Add beauty and value to your brass, steel, stainless and zinc die cast products.

DecoKlad Fashion Finishes Advantages

DecoKlad is a unique quality assurance program that tackles the challenges for high performance automotive coatings. OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide. It helps automotive engineers and designers to specify the right products in a sustainable world with i.e. chromium-free etch pre-treatment for POP and trivalent chromium processes as an end finish. As a certified DecoKlad applicator, Master Finish Company assures global consistent performance at a local level meeting global OEM requirements.

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Master Finish plates new unplated parts for metalworking companies.

Please note, we are not suited to serve personal restoration, replating, or customization projects.

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