Flash Chrome Plating

Flash chrome plating applies a flash of chrome plating to stainless steel parts and components. Flash chrome plating is applied as a thinner chrome layer to electropolished stainless steel surfaces for products with close tolerance application specifications. Prior to flash chrome plating, we use our electropolishing technology to remove various contaminants from the surface of stainless steel, leaving behind a higher concentration of nickel and chromium molecules at the part surface, and apply the flash chrome plating. The result is smoother, brighter surfaces with enhanced corrosion resistance for stainless steel parts and components.

Electropolishing and Flash Chrome Plating of Stainless Steel

Our new fully automated line provides the best in efficiency and product consistency.

Our line includes all of the following:

  • Hot Caustic Soak Cleaner
  • Deoxidizer/Cleaner to remove weld scale
  • Bright Electropolish
  • Chrome Flash Plating

Learn more. Watch our Stainless Steel Electropolishing and Flash Chrome video

Master Finish plates new unplated parts for metalworking companies.

Please note, we are not suited to serve personal restoration, replating, or customization projects.

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