Matte Nickel Plating

Matte nickel plating with bright or dark chrome over bright or matte nickel offers a range of decorative chrome plating options with flat dull to subtle gloss finishes. We plate a variety of automotive, plumbing, hardware and other metal components providing beautiful contemporary matte chrome finishes.

Matte Nickel Plating Process

Master Finish Company uses two types of decorative chrome plating baths—traditional hexavalent chromium plating and trivalent chromium plating baths. Our hexavalent chrome plating bath deposits neutral chromium metal onto your component part surfaces in its neutrally charged, non-hazardous molecular form—not to be confused with the hexavalent chromium passivation dips often used as a protective topcoat by zinc platers.

At Master Finish Company, we offer matte nickel plating using a “satinizer” chemistry allowing us to adjust the intensity to your requirement. This new bath chemistry gives a matte appearance without the labor intensive mechanical abrasion of part surfaces, delivering uniform coverage for a consistent, decorative appearance with a durable, corrosion resistant finish.

Matte Nickel Plating Samples

Send us your sample parts and desired matte plating finish and we’ll produce them promptly for your evaluation, free of charge.

Master Finish plates new unplated parts for metalworking companies.

Please note, we are not suited to serve personal restoration, replating, or customization projects.

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