Stainless Steel Electropolishing

Stainless steel electropolishing, often called reverse plating, is a pre-plate finishing service offered by Master Finish Company. Electropolishing removes various contaminants from the surface of stainless steel, leaving behind a higher concentration of nickel and chromium molecules at the part surface. The Electropolishing finishing process works hardest on the micro peaks of the surface, providing a smoother, brighter surface while improves corrosion resistance and appearance of the part.

How Electropolishing Works

Electropolishing works by an electro-chemical reaction in which metal dissolves faster at surface micro peaks, creating a leveling effect on the surface of the work piece. This process makes electropolishing an excellent option for deburring and general preparation of stainless steel surfaces prior to plating.

Electropolishing, Nickel & Chrome Plating of Stainless Steel

Our new fully automated line provides the best in efficiency and product consistency.

In addition, we also offer a completely chrome-free decorative plating alternative, our nickel-tungsten-cobalt alloy, as a protective topcoat in lieu of chromium—applied to small steel and brass components in our automated barrel plating line.

Our line includes all of the following:

  • Hot Caustic Soak Cleaner
  • Deoxidizer/Cleaner to remove weld scale
  • Bright Electropolish
  • Chrome Flash Plating

Learn more. Watch our Stainless Steel Electropolishing Process video.

Master Finish plates new unplated parts for metalworking companies.

Please note, we are not suited to serve personal restoration, replating, or customization projects.

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