Barrel Nickel Plating Services

Barrel Nickel Plating LineMaster Finish Co. provides Barrel Nickel Plating on small steel and brass components. The barrel nickel plate provides a bright attractive corrosion resistant appearance. The nickel plate also delivers excellent wear resistance making it a good choice for small threaded fittings that may need to survive several assembly/disassembly cycles.

Need a bright chrome-like appearance?

We’ve got what you’re looking for. Our ReplaChrome® nickel alloy topcoat can be applied immediately after nickel plating in our barrel plating line at little additional cost.  And, like all the other plating lines at Master Finish, our barrel plating is fully automated to deliver superior quality and efficiency.

Watch our video on Barrel Nickel Plating Line to learn more.


Automotive Finishing Magazine ArticleLearn more about our barrel plating process
in this Automotive Finishing Magazine article.

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