Copper Plating Services

Copper Plating 1Master Finish Company’s wide range of metal finishing services includes copper plating on steel, brass, zinc die-cast and stainless steel substrates.

Copper plating is used widely as an undercoat beneath various plating layers. Its throwing efficiency and leveling properties allow it to cover base metals smoothly with uniform thickness. At the same time, copper plating offers excellent conductivity and may be polished to a high luster that will enhance the appearance of additional plating.

Copper is applied to zinc die-casts, to which many other electrodeposited metals fail to adhere. Due to its tendency to tarnish, copper plating is seldom used as a finish coat. However, Master Finish can apply a clear protecting top coat for those customers who require a decorative copper plated finish.

Master Finish is a Large Volume Producer Serving OEM Manufacturers

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