Satin Chrome Plating

Dark satin chrome plating example

Dark chrome plated over satin nickel

Satin chrome plating example

Bright chrome plated over satin nickel

Satin chrome plating produces a range of decorative chrome plated finishes, from mirror bright to flat dull. Bright or Dark chrome are plated over bright or satin nickel creating a wide array of finish appearances. We process a variety of automotive, plumbing, hardware and other metal components providing beautiful contemporary satin chrome finishes.

At Master Finish Company, we offer satin chrome plating using a “satinizer” chemistry allowing us to adjust the intensity to your requirement. This new bath chemistry gives a satin appearance without the labor intensive mechanical abrasion of part surfaces, delivering uniform coverage for a consistent appearance. In addition to its decorative appeal, satin chrome plating is durable, corrosion resistant, and easily cleaned.

Master Finish is a Large Volume Producer Serving OEM Manufacturers

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