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Metalplating automation video

Master Finish Automation ► play now

See how plating line automation delivers precise, consistent, and efficient results!

Master Finish - Metal plating company core values video

Core Values ► play now

See how core values drive ‘THIS’ business toward superior customer service.

Barrel Nickel Plating video

Barrel Nickel Plating ► play now

See how our automated barrel nickel plating line delivers precise, consistent, efficient results.

Document control video

Document Control ► play now

See how our quality management system documents performance, policies, and procedures.

Metal plating environmental video

Environmental Stewardship► play now

See how we minimize and manage our environmental risks.

Metal plating rack maintenance video

Rack Maintenance ► play now

See how we care for the production tooling you have entrusted to us.

Metal plating supplier partnership

Supplier Partnerships ► play now

See how we leverage our supplier relationships to better serve our customers.

AIAG CQI-11 video

AIAG CQI-11 ► play now

See how we comply to automotive industry standards for plating bath chemistry control.


Master Finish is a Large Volume Producer Serving OEM Manufacturers

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