Trivalent Chromium Technology

Trivalent ions used in metal plating is safer and greener than traditional hex method.In most chrome plating baths the ions suspended in solution are hexavalent (Cr+6). Our new “green” trivalent chrome plating bath uses trivalent (Cr+3) ions for metal deposition. Hexavalent chromium is a known carcinogen which poses health risks to those who use this material in chrome plating. Hexavalent chrome also has environmental challenges that must be addressed by those who plate using this process.

New “green” trivalent chromium eliminates the health and environmental concerns associated with hexavalent chrome plating. In addition, trivalent chrome plating has better “throwing power”, allowing for more uniform deposit thicknesses on your product. Trivalent chrome does a better job of depositing metal in recessed areas and is less inclined to plate excessively thick deposits in high current density areas. Our new “green” trivalent chrome baths are setup to provide both bright “mirror” finishes and the new attractive dark color chromes.

Master Finish is pleased to offer its customers both traditional hexavalent chrome and the new trivalent bright and dark chrome topcoats.

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